Vancouver - Career - Supervisor Accountant

  1. To supervise the completion of working paper files with respect to Notice to Reader and Review engagements, and to review these files;
  2. To review corporate and personal income tax returns;
  3. Be able to develop orderly work plan based on mandate scoping, including staffing requirements;
  4. To ensure mandate budget is being respected and to flag any issues in a timely manner;
  5. Acquired in-depth accounting and income tax knowledge, be able to identify semi-complex income tax issues and to consult with superiors for potential income tax planning opportunities;
  6. To build, maintain and improve client relationship and to take ownership of the files;
  7. To demonstrate good time management on all aspects of a mandate and the ability to prioritizing multiple tasks;
  8. To provide ongoing feedback to staff and to contribute in developing the junior staff;
  9. To actively participate in training and recruiting activities;
  10. Possessed proficiency in the use of computer applications such as Caseware, Sage, QuickBook, Taxprep, Office, Excel and PowerPoint etc.;
  11. Be able to communicate clearly and concisely in written and oral forms;
  12. Acquired working experience of at least 6 years in a CPA firm.