Profile - Rebecca Li

With 20 years’ experiences in the tax and accounting area, Rebecca has developed
extensive accounting and tax knowledge and skills in Canadian personal, estate and
corporate tax and U.S. individual tax area. She is specialized in providing cross-border
tax compliance and consulting services such as determination of residency for income
tax purposes, immigration to Canada, departure from Canada, Preparation of Canadian
and U.S. income tax returns for dual citizens or green card holders, substantial
presence test meeting in the U.S. (treaty-tie breaker rules), inbound and outbound
investments structuring, U.S. voluntary disclosures and streamlined filing, U.S.
individual foreign reporting compliance, including form 5471, 3520, 8621 and GILTI
calculations and related planning.

Educational Background:

Harbin Engineering University in 1993
Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer in 2001
Accounting Professional Certificate from McGill in 2007
Certified Public Accountant in the United States in 2011
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants Taxation Certificate from 2014 to 2017
Qualification in Canadian International Taxation Course in 2019
Authorized Agent Certification from the United States Federal Tax Bureau in 2021