Montreal - Career - Manager Accountant

  1. Acquired in-depth core technical knowledge and soft skills;
  2. To review and finalize complex corporate and personal income tax returns;
  3. To review and to manage mandate workplans and to suggest solutions when difficulties are met;
  4. To ensure mandate budget is being respected and be able to resolve budget issues in a timely manner;
  5. Be able to manage and to deliver multiple complex engagements;
  6. To acquire and maintain advanced knowledge of the clients’ business and industries;
  7. To manage client relationship, to ensure mandate deadlines are respected and client issues are resolved in a timely manner;
  8. To identify client’s need on current engagements and to propose valued-added solutions;
  9. Possessed in-depth accounting and income tax knowledge, be able to identify complex income tax issues and tax planning opportunities;
  10. To know and understand the risk elements inherent in the mandates and to plan accordingly;
  11. To ensure team and resources are appropriately managed to support the efficiency of the business;
  12. To establish, communicate and monitor objectives and goals as performance coach for lower level staff;
  13. To provide ongoing feedback and exchange of information at the upper and lower echelons within the organization;
  14. To organize and to participate in the team’s initiative and events;
  15. To actively participate in knowledge transfer activities such as developing learning sessions and training events;
  16. Acquired working experience of at least 8 years in a CPA firm.